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We Produce The Highest Quality Beef, Lamb & Pork

Love local. Love Hungry Stockman’s Quality Lincolnshire meat.

Passionate About Local Produce

A. Wright & Son are passionate about promoting hand selected Lincolnshire livestock. We don’t just take pride in our produce, we are also strong supporters in the livelihood of animals and their welfare.

Our Quality Lincolnshire Beef, Lamb and Pork brand contains full traceability to our selected farmers and, as they are hand-reared locally, only travel a short distance to our abattoir in Boston, causing no additional stress to the animal.

Lincoln Red Heifers

Rough grazing, in a totally traditional environment. Lincoln Red heifers, bred with a continental bull results in the perfect produce. All the marbling and flavour the Lincoln Red is known for, with the texture and depth of the continental. The benefits of both heritage lines and breed characteristics, without the traits that can often divide consumer taste.

Environmental Commitment

As part of our commitment to sustaining a healthy and beautiful environment, we use eco-friendly packaging for all of our butcher produce. By using specially crafted packaging such as WoolCool to store our meat, we can provide long-lasting quality to our consumers. The product will never suffer due to external damage from transport or temporal damage regarding temperature and humidity levels.

As your quality butcher, A. Wright & Son has also invested in a new 103kw solar panel system for our factory roof. Plus, we’re keen to recycle as much packaging as possible and have an active waste recycling system in place to deposit any extra material. With these processes in place, we hope to have a safer, cleaner and much healthier environment to work in and around.

Lincolnshire Pigs

Our pork is guaranteed to not only be British, but yellow belly. Coming from a highly innovative and state-of-the-art Red Tractor farm, welfare standards are rigorously upheld, while the pigs themselves are fed on feed grown and milled specifically for them on-site. A touch which provides them with a diet designed to produce the best in flavour and texture.

150 Years of History

Award-winning, pedigree sheep

A mix of Beltex, Badger Face Texel, Rouge and Blue Du Maine roam freely outdoors, nibbling on the lush vegetation the Wolds farm has in abundance. All quality breeds, they have been chosen to bring lamb-lovers the best in flavour, succulence and eating quality.

Contact A.Wright & Son

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