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The state of meat production and quality has changed significantly since A. Wright and Son were founded in the late 19th century. Since the BSE outbreak in 1986 and its eventual peak in the early 1990s, a large group of Lincolnshire farmers joined forces to create and produce a meat co-operative, where the decision of food production and distribution would rely solely with group members. We firmly believe in working alongside other members as part of the co-operative, in order to attain the finest quality meat cuts from initial preparing to the final product, ensuring our stockists are always given local produce.


Passionate about Local Produce

As part of our overall mission, A. Wright and Son are passionate about promoting hand selected Lincolnshire livestock, including beef, lamb and pork. But we don’t just take pride in our produce, we are also strong supporters in the livelihood of animals and their welfare. Our Quality Lincolnshire Beef, Lamb and Pork brand contains full traceability to our selected farmers and, as they are hand-reared locally, only travel a short distance to our abattoir in Boston, causing no additional stress to the animal.


Hungry Stockman Brand

The Quality Lincolnshire brand is represented at many independent county butchers and 70 plus outlets across the Lincolnshire Co-operative Society with our Hungry Stockman logo. As part of A. Wright and Son’s commitment to high quality meat, the logo is proudly displayed on produce packaging, our promotional material, and inside butcher stores county-wide. Restaurants are also on board with the Hungry Stockman brand and display the logo to inform diners of the produce they consume. Given our Lincolnshire heritage, our company takes pride in providing consistently great standards with local produce, enabling us to continue with high customer satisfaction from excellent tasting meat.

Our passion for local produce means we’re always looking for new ways to expand the Hungry Stockman brand. As part of our future growth, Quality Lincolnshire cuts of beef, lamb and pork will not only be available in butcher stores, but across the county in hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals. Generating more recognition for local farmers is part of our mission to maintain the high standards of traditional stockmanship, ensuring consumers understand the adoration and respect of hand-rearing livestock. It’s paramount that we protect the diversity of Lincolnshire’s rural environment – and that’s why our company, as well as every farmer and outlet we trade alongside, is independently audited on a regular basis to meet national standards.

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