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With our many years of experience, A. Wright & Son hand select from a mixture of the very best local farms and cattle markets, purchasing only prime stock to ensure the highest quality of meat for our consumers. Animal welfare is, of course, at the forefront of our ethics when selecting stock and we always certify each animal has been treated in accordance with UK & EU legislative agreement through Farm Assurance schemes, as well as to our own standards. And as consumer satisfaction and concern is a large part of our business, we can guarantee full traceability for each of the products we sell. Our fantastic in-house IT system enables us to track the historical data of each individual animal, giving us accurate information from the date and farm on which the animal was born, through to its arrival at our factory and the eventual despatch of meat. It’s through these ethical and accurate procedures that A. Wright & Son continuously adhere to and that our consumers can always trust.



Our first-class cuts of meat are supplied to many butchers across the county, with our beef, lamb and pork delivered either as full carcases or primal bone cuts. Our day-to-day supply and demand procedures are led by a number of in-house methods – including the deboning of the carcase meat into primal cuts from within our boning hall. The superb quality of the meat is then preserved by an on-site packaging process, which place the cuts into manageable boxes of beef, lamb and pork, easing the transport process and lessening its food miles considerably.

A. Wright & Son are incredibly proud to be a part of the rich and beautiful agricultural landscape of Lincolnshire. As such, all of our products delivered to local butchers and retailers bear the Quality Lincolnshire stamp, providing consumers with tell-tale quality they know and love. Working alongside a number of stores, product specificity can be attained through the traceability certificates our company holds, so the retailer and consumer understands where the meat has been purchased for quality assurance.


Catering & Food Service

As part of our work with the catering and food service industry, A. Wright & Son has complete control over the supply chain and can wholeheartedly guarantee full traceability and quality at all times. We believe in the excellence of our produce and appreciate that customer satisfaction is an essential part of our daily thought processes. Not only is the quality of the meat cut crucial to our business, but also the associated cost and gross profits to the catering industry. We understand that mutual success can only be achieved through an equal share in the process and, in order to make it as seamless as possible, we help industry professionals in any way we can.

By providing meat cuts to personal specifications, catering professionals can always count on us to select the best parts of beef, lamb and pork for their desired menu. From our years of expertise, we are also able to supply personal carcase selection for any order and will portion size all of our products, which are hand cut to chef specification. Handling menu plans and aiding with dish costings is also part of the service we offer, along with dry ageing our beef for a minimum of 21 days, or up to a maximum of 35 days, depending on the caterer or chef’s preference.